All materials used in the Baby Throne are food grade and recyclable. We also insist upon using world-class internationally acceptable manufacturing techniques and standards to protect our environment.  Our materials are expensive and development may cause short delays.  We prioritise quality and are committed to never cutting costs by using techniques and/or materials that are not up to our standards.

Toilet training is easy BUT you need to have the right tool to hold baby or toddler in the correct squat position to help trigger the instinct to push.  With any toilet training, your baby must feel safe and secure.  The Baby Throne provides unique support around your child’s back, sides and under their thighs while holding them in the optimal squat position.

Toilet training must be done with kindness and understanding.  Picture yourself being asked to sit on cold, hard plastic with no support around you and being told to ‘relax and push’ especially if that hole was high off the ground as well.  Feeling safe, secure and comfortable in the correct position is the Baby Throne’s greatest secret.