These are all toilet training techniques. If you Google any of these words you will get a huge amount of information on these subjects. The Baby Throne is simply the tool that holds your baby or toddler in the correct position. The Baby Throne is the ONLY suitable tool that holds a baby comfortably and safely in the optimal squat position, supporting them on all sides in a warm safe structure. You can toilet train babies. Babies are clever! As my husband stated to some raised eyebrows; ‘if you can toilet train a puppy, why can’t you toilet train a baby? Babies are much cleverer!’

Babies who have been practicing Elimination Communication (ECing), Baby Whispering, Infant Potty Training or Natural Infant Hygiene (NIH) don’t really need to go through the gentle progression of the Beginner and Intermediate steps leading to the Advanced stage because they are more used to baring their bottoms and going to the toilet. However, there is no harm in starting at the Beginner stage – even for just a few minutes – and then moving on to the Intermediate and finally on to the Advanced stage.