You save time by using the Baby Throne. It is also much healthier for baby avoiding nappy rash, infections, testicular cancer in later life etc. Testicular cancer and infertility in later life is debatable at present but common sense tells us those family jewels are not meant to be kept hot. We have proven that on average you save changing over 2200 nappies (diapers) before the age of 2. That is a lot of time saved. All the time you need to start is a maximum of 10 minutes in the morning and the evening.

Using the Baby Throne as part of your routine (habit stacking) is easy! When you are brushing your teeth, or running the bath, settle your baby into their Throne. You can even use it after they have woken up from their nap. But remember, always supervise your child and never leave them unattended on the Throne.