Interestingly, we had a little girl who had exactly this problem. We don’t know why but she was 13 months old and something must have happened. She got the Baby Throne as a present all wrapped up in pretty paper, and showed her how you can easily stick stickers on the surface. She took ownership of her Throne. She sat in the Beginner stage a few times and progressed to using the Intermediate stage and used it as a potty for about a week. After this time she was quite happy and actually initiated moving to the Advanced stage herself just before her bath. It was not treated as a big deal, but you could see how pleased she was with herself!

The Baby Throne is a tool. It supports a baby or a toddler from the front, back sides and under their thighs so they feel safe. The support under the thighs is especially important for little ones who may have a ‘fear of letting go’. No one knows your baby or toddler better than you do. The Baby Throne is a tool and you have to figure out between yourselves how to make it fit into your lives. As soon as baby is born, they have to ‘go’ properly. You are just helping them to do what is perfectly normal and natural.