The most important factor to consider when putting a baby or a toddler on a potty (or even a toilet trainer) is that they feel safe and secure. They must be held and supported on all sides. That magical squat position is what triggers the instinct to ‘push’.

The original Baby Throne I made for Hector was not soft; I made it from wood, clay, plastic and lots of plumbing tape and it worked like a dream! Now of course, the Baby Throne is made from a pretty, warm material. Supported comfortably in a squat position, allows baby to relax and nature to take its course.

It is more of a challenge to get toddlers to sit and relax as they can often get distracted and want to get off the Throne. Try all the tricks you know. Distract them. Give them something to do. A book or a toy. In our house, flash cards were the most popular and I think Hector simply loved the time he had to have undivided attention from whoever was sitting with him. You want them distracted by what they are doing and then their bodies relax, that magic squat position triggers the instinct to ‘push’, and they empty their bowels. They also empty their bladders as well.

Nearly all parents mention this problem at the start but all state that with patience everything falls into place within a very short period of time. Just keep with a routine if it doesn’t happen first time. Once their baby or toddler got ‘it’ and made the ‘connection’ they were all ‘going like a Boeing’. This has to be the most common expression I hear when I ask for feedback on how things are going!